Our  classically styled light fixture evokes images of a gentler time.   Handcrafted in the USA of solid brass, using tooling from the early  1900's, and integrating various turn of the century pool table lights,  we have crafted the finest light of this era.  The natural patina will  develop throughout the years, making this a family heirloom for  generations to come. 

 "I’ve been looking for a while for a light  to hang over our pool table.  The table is vintage and I wanted  something that complimented it.  There are a lot of lights out there but  this light had the quality and workmanship that I was looking for.  I’m  happy to say that this light has it all.  The attention to detail, the  weight of the lamps, everything about it says “class”.  I couldn’t be  happier with my choice."    DLJ - Milwaukee, W 

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